Look AC 364 Pista Bahn Track frameset

The AC 364 was hand-welded according to the rules of the art, using various pipes from this world-renowned manufacturer: TANGE. The INFINITY pipes with different thicknesses (double butted) were selected for use on the train or in the city (fixie) because of their durability and their lightness. A robust and rigid frame is the top priority for both disciplines. The pipes are connected using polished external parts.
The design of the AC 364 is a new edition of the decors of the LOOK frames of the 1990s, when yellow was the dominant color. The LOOK lettering at the time is based directly on the brand's cult logo, whose colors it is inspired by. This design appeals to both rail cyclists looking for a bike with an authentic look and city bikers who want to flaunt their trendy fixie style. The AC 364 is an allusion to the Look brand's numerous victories in track races, and the CrMo fork is in keeping with the style of the frame. It's straight and chrome-plated from head to toe. Just like the frame, it has a chrome-plated connector on the outside.


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