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bicycle workshop

The Ritzler: Popular bicycle service in our shops

Since 2013, our bike shop in the center of Karlsruhe has been a popular contact point for racing bike lovers. In addition to the restoration of classic racing bikes, all other two-wheelers are also inspected and repaired here. In 2017, the Ritzlerei was followed by the second bicycle workshop with sales in the eastern part of Karlsruhe. We also offer our fast and professional repair service there.

We are particularly fond of vintage bikes, classic racing bikes and conversions of classic steel frames to urban single-speeds and are maintained, repaired or created from scratch in our professional workshop.

Our expertise around Cycles In general and about traditional racing bikes in particular, our bike shop is a focal point for bikes of all kinds. In the Ritzler you will find an extensive spare parts store of both original and standard parts, which makes us always ready and specialist professionals.