Faggin Special Cromovelato Campione del Mondo road bike frame size 54

oh how it shines!

Even if the paint has suffered a bit in one place or another over the past 40 years, the Fagin Special Campione del Mondo still has an incredible steel power. The specialty: the frame was completely chrome-plated under the red lacquer layer. This elaborate type of treatment not only provides additional protection against corrosion, but also lights up the eyes of the beholder. Just like the engravings in the fork crown or the richly decorated Shimano 600 Arabesque components. Marcello Faggin was one of the first of many passionate cyclists who dedicated themselves to frame building in the years after the Second World War. In 1945 he opened his own forge in Udine. The company soon moved to Padua, where frames are still made by hand in Italy to this day. In the decades that followed, numerous great heroes of cycling were successful on Fagin racing bikes. Including Enzo Moser and the unique Eddy Merckx.


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