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Colnago Mexico ESA

Ernesto Colnago undoubtedly plays a very special role among Italy's almost cult frame builders, and not only because more than 60 years after the company was founded, the master is still regularly checking that everything is right and sketching designs for new models . some of the most beautiful racing bikes of all time come from his hand. And even today, the top frames are made by hand in Cambiago, Italy, and painstakingly painted with great care. The Colnago ESA Mexico is a prime example of typical Italian elegance. Probably the most striking feature is the shape of the tubes. Rohrbauer Columbus supplied its high-quality SL pipes with six longitudinal nerves based on a design by Ernesto Colnago. The wheel is also a rare gem thanks to its chrome-plated sleeves and eye-catching paintwork; of course also through Camapgnolo's Croce d´Aune drive in combination with the unique Campagnolo C-Record DELTA brake.


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